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EU Information Centres and Euro clubs in the Republic of Moldova

The Euro Clubs and Information Centers of the European Union (EUIC) are an extensive network of information multipliers on the European Union’s contribution to the development of the Republic of Moldova, improving the quality of life of citizens, tangible results of ongoing EU support and opportunities that can be accessed by members of communities where they operate. The Euro clubs and Information Centers of the European Union contribute to gathering and disseminating knowledge regarding the European topics: policies, institutions, community programs, neighbourhood relations etc. At the same time, they stimulate citizens’ interest in cooperation relations between the EU and Moldova.

As promoters of European values, members of the Euro clubs and Information Centers are committed to ensuring free access to information and communication with their peers on initiated actions and European-funded projects implemented across the country. Young people, students, specialists from various fields can access, through the EU Information Centers, the resources of the Publications Office of the European Union, as well as other specialized and general information regarding the European Union. The EU Information Centers are hosted by the largest universities in Moldova, municipal and district libraries and an NGO as well. The Euro clubs are made up of groups of young people who, through their actions, actively promote the values of Europe and the EU Member States. In addition to high schools and gymnasiums, the Euro clubs operate in colleges and universities.

The activity of the Euro clubs and Information Centers is being supported by the European Union. Currently, in the Republic of Moldova there are 20 EUICs and nine Euro clubs in the municipalities and district centers of the country, one of them operating in rural areas.