PGG: Strengthening measures to prevent and combat economic crime

The European Union-Council of Europe regional project focuses on addressing key aspects in the fight against corruption, money-laundering and financing of terrorism from a broader regional perspective, as well as addresses sectors and issues in line with the EU 2020 Deliverables for the Eastern Partnership countries. It aims to tackle the level of independence of specialised bodies, effectiveness of systems and mechanisms to prevent and address corruption and Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, addressed in a transversal manner.

The regional approach will ensure that countries reach a level of uniformity and fosters international cooperation which will significantly contribute to enhancing the quality of the formal requests for International Cooperation in Criminal Matters. The regional project provides a platform to strengthen the cooperation between the Eastern Partnership countries on investigation of economic crimes and serve as a network of practitioners for sharing of good practices between the participating countries.

In addition to benefiting from Council of Europe assistance the countries also learn from the good practices of the other countries, lessons learned in the process of addressing corruption, money-laundering/terrorist financing as well as lessons learned during the monitoring and evaluation rounds.

This project is funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe and implemented by the Council of Europe in their Partnership for Good Governance II (2019-2022).
Obiectivul specific
The overall objective of the project is to strengthen capacities of the Eastern Partnership countries to fight and prevent economic crime. It focuses on areas that present shared challenges to the EaP countries and will contribute to advancing the understanding and adoption of new tools, as well mechanisms to effectively tackle corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing, in keeping with the targets under the EU 2020 Deliverables.

The specific objectives of the project are:
- Effective measures on prevention of corruption.
- Strengthened institutional and legal capacities to combat corruption.
- Effective measures on prevention and detection of money laundering/terrorist financing.
- Enhanced (cross border) cooperation and regulatory framework on seizure, confiscation of proceeds from crime.
Rezultatele așteptate
- Effective mechanisms and frameworks for asset declarations.
- Strengthened controlling mechanisms on conflict of interest and improved political funding for oversight regimes.
- Improved independence and efficiency of specialised anti-corruption bodies or structures.
- Increased efficiency of operational and human resource capacities of specialised anti-corruption bodies.
- Improved frameworks and operational tools for financial investigations and strengthened capacities of Financial Intelligence Units.
- Enhanced regulatory framework or/and operational regimes on beneficial ownership.
- Introduction of legal frameworks for registries of beneficial ownership.
- Reviewed regulatory and institutional framework for seizure, confiscation, management and disposal of proceeds from crime.
- Strengthened international (cross border) cooperation in Asset Recovery between EaP countries.
Harta proiectului
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Domeniu prioritar:
Parteneriat care protejează, Parteneriat care protejează
Securitate și răspuns la conflicte, Statul de drept și drepturile omului
Drepturile Omului, Securitatea
EaP Countries:
Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ucraina
Starea proiectului:
În curs de desfășurare
Data începerii:
Data de încheiere:
Organizația de implementare:
Council of Europe
Finanțare de către UE în EUR:
€504 800
Numărul proiectului UE:
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