Chisinau Public Transport project

The aim of the project is to improve public transport services and ensure the sustainability of an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly transport system by upgrading Chisinau's trolleybus fleet. The backbone of Chisinau's public transport system is the trolleybus service, which ensures the mobility of citizens along all major corridors in the city. Due to insufficient financing, the average age of the fleet is now 17 years and service levels are declining. This operation will have a significant environmental and social impact on the capital of Moldova.

Конкретные цели
- Electric trolleybuses will ensure that the project complies with the highest EU standards and leads to the lowest possible noise levels.
- The modernization of the trolleybus fleet strengthens public transport alternatives, improves air quality, and reduces passenger congestion in Chisinau.
- The project also improves social services and social infrastructure, primarily benefitting the lower-income population of the capital.
Ожидаемые результаты
With European Union support, the City of Chisinau has acquired 102 new trolleybuses.
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