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Summer Dreams – art exhibition at Europe Café

Summer Dreams - art exhibition at Europe Café

Welcome to Europe Café on June 20, to experience the summer vibe through Elena Tomilova’s paintings. For 2 weeks, we will host the art exhibition called “Summer Dreams”, dedicated to sensations, emotions and the human’s inner world.

Elena Tomilova’s paintings explore symbolism, combine real images (people, figures, objects, landscapes) with abstract ones, leaving an enigma in each work and creating a magical sensation. We are waiting for you to rediscover yourself through art from June 20 to July 5, from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 and 18:00, at Europe Café.

The “Summer Dreams” exhibition represents a continuation of the “Cultural Taxi” European project which Elena Tomilova joined as an artist. During the project, she created a series of landscapes in Dubăsari and a series of works entitled “The river”. The works were exhibited in Dubăsari and Chişinău.

Since 2007, Elena Tomilova has had nine personal exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited at 25 other art exhibitions in Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Germany and Italy. Her paintings are included into private collections in the USA, Norway, New Zealand, Switzerland.