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Young people from Găgăuzia established a Youth Center in the village of Dezginja, with EU support

Nestled in Găgăuzia, a village named Dezginja has become the stage for a remarkable tale of collaboration, empowerment, and the boundless potential of young minds. Thanks to the fervent efforts of the Association of Youth in Găgăuzia (AO Tineretul Găgăuziei) and the generous support of the European Union’s EU4Accountability project, a Youth Centre has risen, revealing a path towards a brighter future for local youth.

This momentous achievement has not only brought to life a space, but also a profound change in the dynamics of the region. The Youth Centre, established in collaboration with People in Need (PIN) Moldova, resonates with a vision to foster the holistic growth of young individuals. It stands as an embodiment of the EU’s commitment to engage, empower, and connect youth, while also enhancing the relationship between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Public Authorities (LPAs).

Within the walls of the Youth Centre, a vibrant tapestry of activities will unfold. Interactive workshops will light curiosity, vocational training will arm young adults with skills for the future, and sporting events will channel their energy towards healthy race. This port of learning and creativity will not only uplift the youth, but will also become a breeding ground for community-driven initiatives designed to meet the specific needs and dreams of the local population.

Expressing his appreciation for the active participation of young individuals, Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, said: “Youth is the driver of change and democracy… It is important to involve young people at all levels of policy making.” 

The inauguration of the Youth Centre marks more than just a physical achievement; it represents a bond between CSOs and LPAs, a relationship that amplifies their collective impact”, mentioned Guillermo Llinás, Country Director of People in Need Moldova.

Marina Uzun, the manager of the Youth Centre, summarized the essence of this initiative: “Young people have fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and creativity.” With their infectious enthusiasm and unique perspectives, the youth bring a breath of fresh air that propels solutions for complex problems.

Behind this success lies the dedicated effort of the Youth Association of Găgăuzia, who took the initiative and made the Youth Centre a reality. Their determination, coupled with the support of the EU, resulted in the transformation of the centre into a space that fosters growth and innovation.

The Youth Centre stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to what can be achieved when hearts and minds come together. It’s a reminder that with every initiative that embraces the energy and potential of the youth, a brighter, more promising future is forged.

The establishment of this platform owes its existence to the backing of European collaborators who financed the endeavour. This support has enabled these organizations to expand their expertise to different areas and cultivate the abilities of the youth. Engagement in youth leadership programs aids in the cultivation of leadership proficiencies among young individuals and readies them for the forthcoming responsibilities they will encounter.

EU4Accountability – a project supported by the European Union aims to increase the ability of civil society groups in Moldova to better carry out their function as governance actors to enhance the societal accountability of public administration and the central government in Moldova. More than 50 CSOs from 10 districts across the nation are trained during the 30-month program in participatory budgeting, social accountability, participating in and monitoring the local governance process, and engaging in policy discussions with local and national governments.