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Сотрудники Министерства Экономики и Инфраструктуры и Национальное агентства Дорожного Транспорта прошли обучение по ключевым темам безопасности дорожного движения.

The 3-day training session “Introduction into the road infrastructure safety management and safe system principles (according to the EU Directive 2008/96/EC)” aimed to present to the participants key road infrastructure safety aspects based on best EU and international practices which led to a high level of road safety in the respective countries. The trainees learned how to improve the approach on building a safe system concept which entails a significantly reduced number of road traffic accidents leading to a lowered number of mortality cases and occurrence of injuries. Other topics included improvement of the National Road Safety strategy. Also, the participants discussed the road infrastructure safety management in line with the EU Directive 2008/96/EC and best practices and how to improve the road safety audits in the Republic of Moldova.

The main goal of the 18-month EU-funded “Support to the Reform of the Transport Sector in the Republic of Moldova” is to contribute to the transport sector reform in line with the transport chapter of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement. Technical assistance and capacity building services are provided aiming to support legal approximation and policy development for fulfilment of the commitments undertaken in the transport sector by the Republic of Moldova.

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Project Manager, EU Delegation Project Team Leader