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Центр поддержки бизнеса Oрхей помогает развивать бизнес на местном уровне

The project «Orhei Business Support Centre — promoter of small and medium business development», is implemented by Public Association “Agentia de Dezvoltare Durabila Orhei” since September 2018, funded by the European Union and Sweden through the East Europe Foundation.

The purpose of the Orhei Business Support Centre (OBSC) is to facilitate the creation of a favorable environment for starting and developing businesses, as well as providing access to specialized consulting services on various economic issues and support in accessing funds in order to contribute to economic growth of the region, communities and the well-being of citizens.

During the project a number of 24 trainings were carried out for potential entrepreneurs, out of which 15 were organized in 5 partner rural localities (outreach services) with up to 284 participants. It is absolutely fantastic how startups have contributed and continue to make their daily contribution to the development and growth of the economy.

In the Republic of Moldova, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have a particularly prosperous role in economic and social life. These trainings aim to provide information and opportunities for the development, diversification and acceleration of local business. Currently, 175 SME representatives access the services of Orhei Business Support Centre and have the capacity to accelerate their own business.

Considering the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Moldova created by the Covid-19 and the taken measures, the working regime of the center became virtual. Thus, on 13 May 2020, the OBSC in partnership with Business Development Capital organized the Webinar «Business Development Opportunities», at which the target group were economic agents and people working in agriculture and services related to this sector. This event, which was attended by 68 participants, stimulated the interest of OBSC beneficiaries. During the webinar, the participants obtained information from the first source, being offered by the representatives of AIPA, the project «Livada Moldovei» and the Competitive Agriculture Project in Moldova MAC-P on support programs offered to beginner entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in agriculture, livestock, horticulture.