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«Наше внимание — вашей бухгалтерии»

“Our attention to your accounting” — the new outsourcing services in accounting and taxation for start-ups will

be provided by the Regional Business Information Support center (RBISC).

With the support of the European Union, since the beginning of 2019, 80 startups of the Gagauizan region will be

able to receive these services.At the event were present representatives of the European Delegation to the

Republic of Moldova, members of Executive Committee of ATO Gagauzia, Project Steering Committee and also

businessmen who have an opportunity to use this service take part.

Currently, 40 enterprises from Gagauzia receive support for accounting and taxation outsourcing services. 25 of

them are from Comrat district, 12 — from Chadyr-Lunga and 3 of them from Vulkanesti. All services which are

demanded by the legislation on accounting, taxation are rendered to them and also consultations on financial and

personnel questions are provided.These are the first startups with whom an agreement has already been

concluded. Today, another 40 entrepreneurs are selected to receive the outsourcing services; they will also

receive the same support during the whole financial year.

The Regional Business Information Support Center is one of the Pilot Projects, implemented by Executive

Committee of ATU Gagauzia, financed by European Union under the initiative “Mayors for Economical Growth”.

The total budget of the project is aproximately 520 thousands Euro,of which 430 thousands Euro are provided by

the European Union.

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Manager de proiecte pentru agricultură, dezvoltare rurală și siguranța alimentelor

Delegația Uniunii Europene în Moldova