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День Европы 2022 года: результаты двух опросов по основным экономическим — финансовым вопросам в Молдове

On the occasion of the Europe Day 2022 celebration the PPF* Project team prepared and run two mini surveys on basic economic/financial issues concerning Moldova. The purpose of this initiative was to measure the basic economic/financial knowledge and serve as an opportunity for people to increase their knowledge of fundamental economic and financial matters. The two small samples comprised university students through an online survey and the general public through people participating in the European Village event in Chisinau.

Figure 1: Europe Day 2022 online survey for students, 9-13 May 2022

The survey for university students was rolled out online between 9-13 May 2022 and contained ten multiple choice questions. Overall, 73 students from the Moldova State University, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, the State Agrarian University of Moldova, the Technical University of Moldova, the State University from Comrat and the Dunarea de Jos University from Galati participated in the survey.

The results of the survey revealed 8% of respondents with 9 correct answers, while 27% provided 8 correct answers, 30% with 7 correct answers and 20% with 6 correct answers – presented in Figure 1.

Upon completion of the online survey, all respondents received an email with the correct answers. The top achievers will be invited to a small awards ceremony providing them with the opportunity to interact with officials from the EU Delegation to Moldova, the Ministry of Finance, and the PPF Project team. The event is planned to take place in June and will be hosted by the Ministry of Finance.

Figure 2: Europe Day 2022 survey for the general public, 14 May 2022

The second mini survey was carried out during the European Village event organised in Chisinau on 14 May 2022. EU-branded gifts were handed out to the general public upon completion of a small survey. Members of the PPF Project team facilitated the process by assisting the members of the public to complete the survey. The survey contained five multiple choice questions on basic economic/financial issues concerning Moldova and the EU support provided to the country. There were 200 respondents, and the overall results of the survey are depicted in the Figure 2.

* PPF Project – EU funded project Support the Moldovan Government in Identifying and Preparing Projects Linked to the Implementation of the Association Agreement.