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EU4Digital: на совещании сети электронного здравоохранения обсудили информационные ответы на COVID-19 в Восточных странах-соседях ЕС

The EU4Digital eHealth Network has discussed COVID-19 and data sharing of disease statistics, as well as country best practices in managing the pandemic.

During the online meeting on 3 June, a representative of the European Commission presented ongoing activities in the area of COVID-19 data collection, particularly focusing on the different collection methods and types of data that are used to populate the COVID-19 statistical dashboard on the European Commission Crisis Management Laboratory (ECML) Covid website. Eastern partner countries were encouraged to share their solutions to manage the crisis, and several countries mentioned or demonstrated epidemiological dashboards for tracking the infection rates.

In Moldova, epidemiological data is gathered from multiple sources and input to a publicly accessible COVID-19 dashboard that visually displays information regarding the spread of COVID-19 on a regional and city level and from various aspects such as age, gender, etc.  It is based on granular data on higher risk locations, and people are strongly encouraged to take mindful decisions of going vs. not going to higher risk locations. The page usage rate was very high (~1,600,000 unique visitors since March).

As discussed during the meeting, dashboards that allow epidemiological data tracking at national and, particularly, regional level are empowering citizens to better evaluate their own choices regarding acceptable travel risks, as various restrictions imposed by the governments are gradually lifted.

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