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Европейский Союз оказывает помощь в создании Детских консультативных советов в четырех районах страны

With the support of the European Union, around 100 children aged 12-16 from Cantemir, Cimișlia, Ștefan Vodă and Taraclia districts have become members of the Advisory Boards of Children. Their mission is to make children’s voice heard, including of those placed in social services, and to inform their peers about their rights.

The selected members will attend a number of trainings that will enable them to monitor and evaluate local policies and programmes that are focused on children’s rights. The first training will be delivered on 9th April to the members of ABC from Taraclia district.

The Advisory Boards of Children are created by the NGO “Partnerships for Every Child” (P4EC) with support of the EU within the “For a society where girls and boys can thrive and reach their full potential with dignity” project.

Advisory Boards of Children have been set up by P4EC in 10 other districts of the country since 2014. Over 800 children have been members of these boards.