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Европейский Союз поддерживает укрепление местной системы услуг, адресованных детям и семьям

The European Union project “For a society where girls and boys can thrive and reach their full potential with dignity” project implemented by the NGO “Partnerships for every child” organised a study visit for social workers in the Republic of Moldova. The teams from the four districts met the vice-president in charge of social issues/chair of the Gatekeeping Commission, the directors of the Social Assistance and Family Protection Department, Education Department and Finance Department, as well as specialists in child protection and family issues.

The decision-makers and specialists from Ungheni shared how they managed to reconfigure the local child protection system and reach one of the lowest figures of children cared for in the residential system. At the same time, they presented their experience in planning, developing and implementing the Family Support Service, alternative family-type services, such as foster care and, last but not least, how they managed to secure funding for these services.

Another topic addressed was the development and integration of Psycho-Social Assistance Programmes for parents/caregivers and children in the system of social services such as PANDA, Mellow Parenting, etc. The agenda also included visits to services such as the Centre for Family and Child Social Assistance “CREDO”, the District Resource Centre for Inclusive Education, etc. Best practices in preventing and fighting against child violence, neglect and exploitation in mainstream education institutions were also part of the study visit.