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In January 2022, the project „Partnerships for inclusive and resilient social canteen services” funded by the European Union, co-founded and implemented by P.I. „Keystone Moldova”, P.A. „Concordia. Social Projects” and P.I.S.M. „Diaconia” was launched. The project aims to enhance social canteen services in the Republic of Moldova and ensure a wider access to the services for people from vulnerable groups.

The programme will encourage the active involvement of civil society organisations (CSOs) in policy dialogue in order to improve the regulatory framework legislating the operation of social canteen services. In this regard, at the beginning of March 2022, the three nongovernmental organisations signed two Memoranda of Cooperation: with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection and with the Ministry of Environment. According to the Memoranda, in the following three years, the CSOs will provide technical assistance to central public authorities for the improvement of the legal framework for social canteen services and the development of an efficient regulatory framework for the operation of an innovative mechanism for donation and redistribution of surplus food through the Food Bank.

Thus, within the project, the capacity of the Food Bank, as a national mechanism to prevent food waste, will be consolidated. The Food Bank will ensure the collection, storage and redistribution of food surplus to social services that support vulnerable groups, increasing access to food for people affected by food poverty. In addition, the Food Bank’s network of beneficiaries will be expanded through the creation of new partnerships with food suppliers, CSOs, social canteen services and other social service providers throughout the country.

At the same time, the project will improve the infrastructure and financial activity of five social canteen services delivered by A.O. “Concordia. Social Projects”, while the canteen staff will benefit from training programs.

The implementation period of the project is 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2024 with a total value of 1,327,609 EUR.