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Moldova: EU project to equip Călărași with new energy-efficient street lights

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Soon the residents of the Moldovan city of Călărași will enjoy new energy-efficient street lights, thanks to a project financed by the EU under the initiative ‘Covenant of Mayors – Demonstration Projects’.

The project started in February 2018, and aims to improve the locals’ living conditions and make Călărași more environmentally friendly. The city is expected to reduce its energy consumption for public lighting by almost 40%.

Călărași became a signatory of the EU-funded initiative ‘Covenant of Mayors East’ in 2010, and so far has benefited from significant support from the EU.

“Thanks to EU support of €1,258,000, we have modernised a public preschool in our town. The preschool uses three types of energy: solar, geothermal and electric panels. This allows us to save up to 90% on energy compared to other preschools,” says Ion Olari, mayor of Călărași.

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