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Муниципий Единец, город принимающий Бизнес-форум Северного региона Республики Молдова

The Business Forum «Investment Opportunities in the North Development Region of the Republic of Moldova», funded by the European Union, the Czech Development Agency and the National Fund for Regional Development, was held on September 19 and 20, 2019, in Edineț and Balti municipalities.

Promotion of the investment image of the North Development Region, development of the business climate, promotion of new market trends, as well as of the Edinet business support facilities and infrastructure were the main pillars of the event.

The Business forum laid the ground for new investment projects to be implemented within Edinet Industrial Park. Thus, new partnerships between local entrepreneurs and those from Ukraine were created. Also, the priority actions for the economic development of the municipality of Edinet, as well as of the entire North Development Region, have been defined in cooperation with the local entrepreneurs and the development partners.

The Forum brought together about 200 participants: representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova, national and international institutions and organizations, exponents of the domestic and foreign companies, business associations and business infrastructures, the associative sector, journalists and delegations from Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic and Ukraine.

The event is organized by Edineț City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, the North Regional Development Agency, NGO the Community Integrated Development Center and NGO People in Need Moldova, within the projects » Edinet-Economic Growth Pole in North Region of the Republic of Moldova» and «A new impulse for the development of the business in the North Development Region of Moldova”.

Inna Stanciu, Project Contact persons:

Communication and business promotion coordinator 

Telephone: 069 575 421


Boris Filipov

Project Manager, EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova