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Partnerships for the rights of persons with disabilities

On March 21 – 22, World Health Organization in Moldova in partnership with Keystone Moldova held a training for 20 persons with disabilities from residential institutions from Cocieri and Orhei. The participants at the activity are the leaders and promoters of human rights, who were trained within the project “Advancing and monitoring the rights of people with mental disabilities in neuro-psychiatric residential institutions”, financed by European Union. This project is implemented by Keystone Moldova in partnership with the Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities from the Republic of Moldova and the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities.

World Health Organization in Moldova suggested to Keystone Moldova’s team new topics on mental health and recovery from the perspective of human rights, topics that complete other informational and training activities started within the project financed by European Union (mentioned above). During the training were used translated video materials from WHO Quality Rights toolkit in easy to read format, which helped to consolidate the scenarios of understanding and regaining the rights according to UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Improving the quality of life of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities who live in residential institutions from Moldova from the perspective of WHO Quality Rights toolkit, and in the context of a general vision for deinstitutionalization, are common objectives of European Union and World Health Organization.

The training program was organized with the financial support of European Union and World Health Organization in Moldova, in order to promote and monitor the rights of persons with mental disabilities from residential institutions.

The contact person from the EU Project: Nelea Panfil, Project coordinator


The contact person from European Union Delegation: Victoria NeagaEmail: