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Around 200 women from different regions of the Republic of Moldova attended the training, mentorship and networking activities organised as part of the Leadership Academy “Women for Good Governance”. The activities were aimed at building the leadership skills of women and girls and encourage them to involve actively in decision-making processes and run for local/ parliamentary elections.

The first training sessions for the first 80 women and girls enrolled in the Academy took place between 9 and 12 December 2021. During the training, the participants learned how they can participate in the decision-making processes for the benefit of their communities and found out about the opportunities to get involved in election campaigns, acquired the skills for becoming leaders and building partnerships to advocate for gender equality and good governance etc.

Liliana Palihovici, the President of Institutum Virtutes Civilis, reiterated how important it is to empower and train women to help them play a pro-active role in the decision-making processes and development of the society.

“I would like to be present in the life of the society and contribute to its progress. I am not going to resign myself to the fact that the system is as it is and it should remain so. If there is something we do not like, we can change it. It just takes commitment, will, perseverance, energy, honesty and, last but not least, skills. I believe I have them!”,

said Galina Pânzaru, one of the Academy participants.

The Women for Good Governance Academy was successfully launched at the beginning of November 2021.

The Academy is part of the “Partnerships for Women Leadership and Good Governance” project implemented by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Moldova and Institutum Virtutes Civilis with the financial support of the European Union and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.