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В мае, в рамках проекта ЕС Twinning «Поддержка для продвижения культурногонаследия в Республике Молдова путем его сохранения и защиты» был проведен ряд мероприятий, направленных на информирование молдавских специалистовоб итальянских подходах и опыте в области консервации / реставрации.

May month was opened by a workshop designed by and for specialty teachers and foreman instructors from the VET schools. The focus of the workshop was the identification and the inclusion of subjects related to conservation/restauration into the curricula. It was held within a friendly environment and teachers enjoyed 5 days of interactive training and participatory environment. What is important to mention is that this training workshop was initiated by a teacher from the Centre of Excellence in Construction who, on return from his internship in Florence at a VET School – European Centre of Restoration – and organized within the Twinning — has decided that it was necessary to begin to build in-house -in his VET school- competences on conservation/ restoration in the Republic of Moldova.

The Twinning continues its to upgrade the skills and competences of the specialists in the field of architectural – engineering through the Higher Education Training in architectural conservation which reached its final phase. Participants are currently busy in preparing the restauration project of the Zemstvei Museum (Chisinau) and, in two months, the final product will be finalized and submitted to the evaluation commission in July.

The workshop on illicit traffic of cultural goods had the greatest impact. During one week, the representatives of the Prosecution Office, Information and Security Service, General Directorate for Criminal Investigation, General Police Inspectorate and other related institutions got acquainted with the Italian and international instruments of investigation against illicit trafficking of cultural goods, and with the tools available for ensuring a regulated circulation of this type of goods.  They learnt about the most resounding Italian legal investigation and about instruments and platform for international cooperation in the field.