CBM - Creating a Sustainable System of Business Education in Transnistria

The general objective of the project is to deliver a comprehensive business education programme developed for Business School trainers, beginner entrepreneurs, managers of existing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), local authorities and farmers on both banks. The project is designed to fill the gaps in local training capacity, to provide training programs to the above six target segments, promote business education and encourage the population to launch their own businesses, contributing to the overall enhancement of the SME sector competitiveness in the region.
Конкретные цели
- To establish a functional business education system in Transnistria – the Business School, with 3 branches in the cities of Tiraspol, Bender and Rybnitsa.
- To improve skills and understanding of modern business methods for the project beneficiaries as a result of the Business School classes.
- To create new jobs as a result of the skills/knowledge acquired at the Business Schools.
- To create positive outcomes despite negative economic trends in the region.
- Experience sharing: The project to intensely involve trainers from the right bank, as well as entrepreneurs from both banks during study trips, who will establish lucrative contacts between them.
Ожидаемые результаты
- 885 people (425 women), including beginner entrepreneurs, mid and top-level managers, entrepreneurs from agrarian sector, representatives of local administration in Transnistria will improve skills and understanding of modern business methods as a result of the Business School classes they'll attend, which will include lecturers from the right bank.
- 1 338 new employees (both part-time and full-time jobs), including 395 women and 15 people with disabilities.
- 16 business school trainers (8 women) to become significantly better qualified business trainers, helping to develop the local business consultancy market (they offer their services within their own consulting companies, other projects too).
- 12 top-level managers (6 women) from both banks of the river to improve their understanding of modern methods used in their sector after a study visit in the Czech Republic (4 partnership contracts were signed as a result).
- 12 entrepreneurs (2 women) from both banks in the field of agriculture and food processing to use new technologies and improved work methods in their enterprises as a result of a study trip to Israel.
- An increase in sales, exports & profitability in 2012-2013 by more than 55 % of Business School beneficiaries.

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