Better Managing the Mobility of Health Professionals in the Republic of Moldova

With European Union support and in accordance with the Annual Action Programme 2010 for Cooperation with Third Countries in the Areas of Migration and Asylum, the project is aligned well with the EU Development cooperation policy for Moldova. As about 40% of health workforce quitted the job and migrated to other economic sectors or abroad over the past 20 years in search of more lucrative and rewarding opportunities, the Republic of Moldova has suffered from brain drain and brain waste. To combat this, "Better managing the mobility of health professionals in the Republic of Moldova" is working to promote legal and circular migration, diminish the negative effects of brain drain and brain waste, and facilitate the reintegration of health professionals returning to the national health system. The main project partner is the Ministry of Health (MoH) with affiliated structures dealing with human resource for health (HRH) management and a large number of stakeholders, varying from line ministries to academic institutions and civil society organizations. All project stakeholders are highly interested in the project outcomes and fully support it.
Конкретные цели
- To identify issues concerning the migration and mobility of health workers and in developing mechanisms for the motivation and retention of health personnel at the national level, which have been instrumental in strengthening the Republic of Moldova's health systems.
- To prepare solid grounds for initiation of bilateral negotiations on health professionals' mobility with targeted countries which will contribute to the mainstreaming of the migration flows. This will permit professionals to apply for a job with decent conditions, ensure access to social benefits and offer diverse possibilities for career building.
Ожидаемые результаты
- A series of studies regarding the migration of health professionals that will generate evidence to inform decision- and policy-making.
- A database that compiles data on health professionals' employment and mobility, job vacancies and turnover, and continuing professional education in order to more efficiently manage HRH.
- A training course on HRH management and governance by the School of Public Health.
- The development of an e-learning platform for migrant health professionals who intend to return to the Republic of Moldova.
- The adjustment of post-university and nursing curricula to meet European and international standards for professional education.
- The development of a model bilateral agreement and support throughout the negotiation and signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Moldova and the Federal Republic of Germany.
- A Communication strategy.
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