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Региональное соглашение о роуминге представлено координаторам из Восточных стран-партнеров и представительствам ЕС

A meeting to present the Regional Roaming Agreement (RRA) for the Eastern Partnership took place on 25 June 2020, with the final version of the Agreement to be presented for approval in October ahead of its formal signature, expected in December.

The meeting included Harmonising Digital Market (HDM) coordinators from the Eastern partner countries, representatives from EU Delegations as well as members of the Eastern Partnership Electronic Communications Regulators Network (EaPeReg).

During the meeting, the context and roadmap towards the signing of the RRA as well as the draft RRA was presented to the EU Delegations as well as the HDM coordinators. The aim of this presentation was to inform the HDM coordinators regarding the developments surrounding the RRA so that they would be able to support the upcoming national alignment process on a political level if needed.

The final version of the RRA will be submitted for approval at the next EaP Panel on the Harmonisation of Digital Markets (HDM Panel) in October 2020. The signature of the RRA is planned to take place during the fourth EaP Ministerial Meeting on the Digital Economy, in early December 2020.

A regional roaming agreement would ensure a substantial lowering of applicable roaming prices among mobile users in the six Eastern partner countries. 

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