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Семинар посвященный Отчету об исполнении судебных решений по гражданским и административным делам в Республике Молдова

On 13 August 2020, in the framework of the Project “Support to further strengthening the efficiency and quality of the judicial system in the Republic of Moldova” (CEPEJ), which is part of the Partnership of the Council of Europe and the European Union for Good Governance in the Eastern Partnership Countries 2019-2021 (PGG II), a workshop was organized in order to discuss the Report on the enforcement of court decisions in civil and administrative matters in the Republic of Moldova.

The activity took place with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Justice, National Union of Enforcement Agents, development partners as well as CEPEJ international experts and local consultants.

The Report, which is the result of CEPEJ Experts’ fact-finding and exchange of experience mission that took place on 2-3 March this year, describes the results of the analysis of the general issues related to efficiency and quality of the enforcement system and points out specific related deficiencies, as well as contains important improvement recommendations.

Main recommendations of the Report referred to the need to implement Key Performance Indicators in the work of individual enforcement agents and enforcement system as a whole, implementation of registers of enforcement procedures and case management systems as well as other IT solutions in various aspects of enforcement services, such as E-Auction that would significantly improve the quality and expeditiousness of enforcement services.