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Шаги по продвижению достояния Республики Молдова через конвенции и программы ЮНЕСКО

During the period February 14 and 15, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, in cooperation with the Twinning Project and the National Art Museum of Moldova, organized a Workshop on the elaboration of the strategy for updating the Indicative List of World

Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research with the assistance of the Twinning Project "Support to promote cultural heritage in the Republic of Moldova, through its preservation and protection.

The event was attended by several government institutions, cultural institutions, NGOs related to conservation, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova. The issues addressed have referred to the current heritage management system; to the conservation, preservation, promotion and valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage; creating the premises for the elaboration of the Indicative

List by identifying the actions to be taken by the Republic of Moldova, etc. During the same period, the Twinning provided technical support to define the necessary steps to understand the state of conservation of the Chisinau Circus and its conservation needs. A group of Italian engineers, experienced in the structural assessment of existing buildings, carried out preliminary inspection of the Circus with a view to define a roadmap for its conservation and outline the main phases, from the diagnostic campaign, the project phases up to the intervention and the maintenance needs. This assessment represents a first step towards the rehabilitation of the Circus.