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Torture continues to be the subject of discussions in the Republic of Moldova. In the Report on “Human Rights” of the US State Department in 2019, cases of torture, as well as inhuman and degrading treatment are described, mainly in prisons and psychiatric units, as well as in police isolation centres, especially in the police stations in regions. In the first half of 2019, the General Prosecutor’s Office registered 456 complaints with allegations of torture and inhuman treatment, a larger number of allegations than in the previous year.

In order to fight against the phenomenon of torture, the Institute for Democracy, with the support of the European Union, successfully implements the project “Let All of Us Say NO to Torture in Moldova: Civil Society against Torture”. Within the project, a website was developed on how to fight against torture and inhuman and degrading treatment:

Here you can find information regarding the National and International Legislation with reference to the fight against torture, information regarding the actual actions that should be taken by a person who claims to have been subjected to acts of torture, inhuman treatment or ill treatment as well as where they can receive support. There you can find about the project “Let All of Us Say NO to Torture in Moldova: Civil Society against Torture” in details, about the implementing organizations, donor, publications and about the project in the media.

The website’s aim is to inform the society, including the victims of torture and their families, about the inadmissibility of torture and the need to take action against this phenomenon.

The website contains details about the services offered within the Centres of Legal, Psychological and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture from Comrat, Tiraspol and Chisinau, about the profile of the beneficiaries of these Centres:  who can apply to the support of these Centres and what assistance they can receive.