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The end of 2021 proved to be very active for all parties involved in the EU-funded Twinning project „Improving spatial data services in the Republic of Moldova following EU standards.”

The Twinning partners have prepared gro­undwork for implementation of the pilot project, the purpose of which is to test the six Guidelines developed in the scope of the Twinning project. The Guidelines will be used by the Moldovan public authorities dealing with spatial data to convert their analogue maps into digital form, to improve the quality of digital spatial data and to document them through metadata. Ungheni city and Ungheni district were chosen as pilot regions. Seve­ral online meetings were conducted with the Agency of Land Relations and Cadaster (ALRC), Twinning experts and the represen­tatives of the local public authorities from Ungheni. The main purpose of these working sessions was to create a common vision of a future collaboration and to identify availa­ble data sets required for implementing the six Guidelines. The workflow with the selec­ted data sets was tackled during a joint on­line meeting with the presence of Twinning experts, ALRC and Pilot Project partners.

Additionally, draft National Spatial Data In­frastructure (NSDI) Programme and Action Plan were presented to the representatives of 20 different central public entities respon­sible for spatial data and other stakeholders. The vision, objectives and planned activities were the highlights of the online meeting ho­sted by ALRC. In 2022 the documents will be circulated to public entities for gathering opinions, with further submission to the Go­vernment.

In parallel, an in-depth analysis of the Go­vernment Decisions: No. 254/2018 on data sharing, No. 737/2017 on network services and No. 738/2017 on metadata creation and maintenance, was performed by the Twinning experts. The output of these mis­sions resulted in recommendations and pro­posals for possible amendments of the con­cerned legal documents.

Two online sessions took place related to Capacity Building and Awareness raising, with the participation of ALRC and the aca­demic environment: an assistant professor at Zagreb University, Faculty of Geodesy, and representatives of State Agrarian University of Moldova and Technical University of Mol­dova. The discussions were held with the purpose of sharing educational experiences as well as conducting analysis of Moldovan University programs dealing with main pro­ject topics.

Related to the Communication plan activiti­es, the Twinning partners were involved in the creative process of developing a script for an animated video which aims at promo­ting the NSDI in the Republic of Moldova and will be shared publicly in early 2022.