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Telegram chat-bot game: EU strengthens knowledge about fair work standards for young people and employers

Telegram chat-bot game: EU strengthens knowledge about fair work standards for young people and employers

Perhaps we all used a chat-bot when inquiring Facebook for assistance or calling Siri on our iPhone. However, chat-bots can go even further. The European Union (EU) co-funded programme EU4YOUTH created a Telegram chat-bot game @fairemployment. The main goal of the game is to raise awareness and promote a better understanding of fair labour practices and standards that must be ensured before and after signing the contract for both young people and employers.

Interactive way of learning 

Young people often find the transition from education to the labour market complicated and uncertain, with difficulties in finding their first job, understanding decent work standards, and their legal rights, which can lead to misinterpretation of those standards. The violation of labour rights by employers is a major issue, particularly for young people who may be starting their careers and may not be fully aware of their legal rights or may feel powerless to assert them, leading to a need for greater awareness and advocacy in this area. To guide the youth through this nerve-racking process the EU cofounded programme EU4Youth Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship created a Telegram chat-bot game on fair labour. 

This game among other EU4YOUTH initiatives correspond to the European Year of Skills 2023 activities aiming to increase people’s skills and empower them to successfully navigate labour market, its changes and to fully engage in society and democracy. 

Learning about real-life problems through simulations

The @fairemployment Telegram chat-bot game will embark a player on an exciting and educational journey, where he or she gets to choose whether to be an employer or an employee and challenge your knowledge of fair labour practices in a series of workplace scenarios. This is a four-stage game that features simulations of pre-interview, interview, and contract stages where participants answer three questions and become aware of risk zones based on their responses, with the game identifying violations of employees’ rights and risk zones for employers at the end. 

The game is available on the Telegram app in Romanian languages by following the link.

About the project

The Telegram chat-bot game @fairemployment is part of the EU4YOUTH: Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship programme activities. The programme is co-financed by the EU and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and aims to spread information about career guidance process, the labour market, personal development, as well as detailed information about decent work standards for youth. The initiative is implemented by the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA) in Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine) until the end of 2024 and comprises technical assistance activities to support organisational structures and institutions (governmental and non-governmental) addressing youth employment and employability.