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Ungheni Tourist Information Center was inaugurated on August 28, 2023, on the occasion of Ungheni City Days. It is located in the center of the municipality, in “Grigore Vieru” Square, having been built according to the best practices in the field, combining a modern infrastructure with innovative elements. Within the Center, visitors can get acquainted with attractive tourist locations in Ungheni district and the tourist routes in the region. The Center also aims to promote tourism potential of the district, including products manufactured in Ungheni. Another innovation of the Center is cross-border  tourism, subsequently tourists will be able to get acquainted with potential tourist attractions that are located across the border, in the immediate vicinity of Ungheni region. All these will utimately contribute to the sustainable economic growth of Ungheni region. 

“Today, in Ungheni, through the inauguration of the Tourist Information Center, we have laid the cornerstone of tourism industry in the region. Thanks to the Center, tourists from the country and abroad will have the opportunity to discover the most interesting places in the Ungheni region, and discover unique tourist routes and get acquainted with local crafts and culture – all these will be offered within the Center, at a level comparable to European countries. By promoting tourism, revenues will be generated and easily accessible jobs will be created, as well as markets for local services and products.”, declared Jānis Mažeiks,Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova

The center is equipped with modern equipment, so that tourists who visit Ungheni, benefit from quality services. From the beginning, the tourist center was also envisaged as an exhibition center, where exhibitions and master classes of manufacturers and craftsmen from the region will be organized.  A digital version of Ungheni Tourist Information Center is under development and will soon be made available to tourists and visitors, thus facilitating the access of tourist offers in the region. Also, with the support of the European Union an integrated system for organizing events was procured , including a professional mobile stage and led screen, which allows organizing outdoor events in accordance with international standards.

“It is a beautiful tradition, in the last days of august, when our city puts on holiday clothes, to organize such events, celebrate local traditions and crafts together, and support local producers. The inauguration of Ungheni Tourist Information Center on the occasion of the city days is not accidental, since we wanted to make use of the participation of our partners and friends from the twin cities in order to share with them this important event, which is meant to contribute to creating a favorable environment for promoting traditional local products, attracting investors and promoting Ungheni region as a special cultural, economic and tourist destination. They are today the first visitors of the Center and certainly the promoters of tourism abroad.”, mentioned Alexander Ambros, Mayor of Ungheni.

The construction of the Tourist Information Center was carried out within the project “Sustainable actions for economic growth through tourism”, financed by the European Union through the “Mayors facility for economic growth”, implemented by UNDP Moldova. The cost of works was over 2,988,624 lei. 

In the context of Ungheni Days, with the support of the European Union, a number of other cultural and tourist activities were organized. Among them are the second edition of the “Fair of craftsmen and local traditional products”, attended by over 80 local producers and craftsmen from Ungheni region and various localities from 14 districts of the Republic of Moldova, as well as craftsmen from 5 towns twinned with Ungheni Study visits of representatives of cities twinned with Ungheni: Cluj-Napoca and Iasi (Romania), Kustaisi (Georgia), Konin (Poland) were carried out. While the discussion panel entitled ” Tourism potential of towns twinned with Ungheni, seen through the eyes of tourists from the country and abroad,” provided a framework for the exchange of good practices and opinions on the promotion of tourist attractions in these regions.

Background information:

The project ” Sustainable actions for economic growth through tourism “is financed by the European Union through the “Mayors facility for Economic Growth “carried out by UNDP Moldova, and is implemented by Ungheni City Hall in partnership with the Regional Center for Sustainable Development”. The project contributes to sustainable economic development and creating a positive image of Ungheni district as a tourist destination by stimulating the tourism potential and promoting the local tourism brand.

The project also focuses on sustainable economic and social development through: development of tourist infrastructure, facilitating the creation of a Regional Tourist Information Center. The development of tourism creates opportunities for local and implicitly regional economic growth and contributes to the creation of new jobs. Capitalizing on tourist attractions in the area will contribute to its economic growth by promoting the emergence and development of local companies, transforming areas with low economic competitiveness into attractive areas for investors, while promoting tourism potential will improve the image of the city and the municipality and boost its attractiveness for tourism and business.