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European Union and the Republic of Moldova 

EU and the Republic of Moldova: Stronger Together

The European Union and the Republic of Moldova have succeeded to register significant progress since the Association Agreement was signed in 2014. The Government of Moldova has made its commitment to ensure the cooperation with the EU, which became Moldova’s largest donor and one of the most reliable development partners.

The EU support provided to the Republic of Moldova aims to improve the quality of life of the Moldovan citizens in a tangible and visible way, strengthening the rule of law, as well as improving the business climate in order to harness the benefits offered by the Free Trade Area and support greater connectivity between the Republic of Moldova and the EU in energy and transport areas.

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After several years of collaboration and support, the EU’s assistance has delivered tangible and visible benefits to Moldovan citizens. Over 1000 projects implemented in all districts of the country have contributed to the direct improvement of the lives of over half a million Moldovans and has impacted positively the entire population of the Republic of Moldova indirectly. Thousands of SMEs have been supported, thousands of jobs have been created. Young people and academics have benefited from exchange programs through the Erasmus+ Program. EU assistance took the form of direct financial support to the Government, technical assistance projects, grants to civil society or access to EU programmes.

This platform provides detailed information on the support and impact of the collaboration between the European Union and the Republic of Moldova.

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