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A teacher from Cahul has been awarded 2,000 US dollars for an Artificial Intelligence project

Genuine passion for Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been transformed in valuable knowledge, international appreciation and a $2,000 prize. These are the latest achievements of Dorin Sas, the only teacher in the Republic of Moldova participating at ‘Intel AI Global Impact Festival’ – a competition dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Being a teacher at “Mihai Eminescu” High School in Slobozia Mare village, Cahul district, Dorin Sas, marked this achievement after attending the ‘Artificial Intelligence’ course under the ‘Tekwill in Every School’ training program, which is implemented by EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul initiative in the southern region of the country.

In this famous contest, Dorin Sas has competed with 234 other teachers from 20 countries around the world. To develop relevant competencies, the teacher had undergone an intensive 2-month Artificial Intelligence summer course, afterwards successfully managing to create software applications that facilitate impartial grading of students.

Dorin Sas, teacher at “Mihai Eminescu” High School, Slobozia Mare village, Cahul district: “For this competition, I designed a project able to generate a final grade after entering a text in English through an edit box. At first, I was selected for an interview with INTEL coordinators and, after a thorough selection, I became the finalist of the competition. This award is a motivation for me not to stop here and to continue my studies.”

In appreciation of all academic efforts and for the opportunity offered to young girls and boys to learn AI in accordance with the INTEL curriculum, Dorin Sas was awarded with the “Innovative Teacher” title.

Dorin Sas, teacher at “Mihai Eminescu” High School, Slobozia Mare village, Cahul district: “I teach Artificial Intelligence subject to a class of 20 students in the 11th grade. The Artificial Intelligence is a 2-year course. I encourage youngsters to study Artificial Intelligence, as the IT sector comes with various opportunities in the labour market and, developing digital skills, they can easier choose the job of their dreams.”

Starting September 2021, Dorin Sas has been teaching four optional subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C/C++ Algorithm Programming, Web Design and Development, and Mobile Applications. By means of these subjects, the teacher contributes to the development of skills that are required by the current labour market. Following the partnership between INTEL and ‘Tekwill in Every School’, approximately 330 students in the Republic of Moldova study the Artificial Intelligence course.

Only one year since the launch of ‘Tekwill in Every School’ program, the subjects of the future are taught in 38 educational institutions in Cahul, Leova, Taraclia and Cantemir. The project commits to training a workforce that is well-prepared for the challenges of the future.

‘Tekwill in Every School’ program is implemented by ATIC in the southern region of the country under the ‘EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul’ initiative, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research, with the support of external development partners: European Union and Sweden.

To find more about the success story of Dorin SAS, please follow the link.

About EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul

‘EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul’ is implemented during 2020-2024 by ATIC, with the financial support of the European Union in partnership with Sweden. The initiative addresses the sustainable socio-economic development of Cahul municipality and neighbouring localities, which complements the regional coverage of development assistance provided by the European Union to the Republic of Moldova. The project supports economic development through innovation, entrepreneurship, employment for small and medium-sized enterprises outside the capital city and offers opportunities to young people, women and girls to study science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The project aims to create a regional innovation and technology centre in Cahul, the EU4Innovation Centre, and a large group of locals will become its beneficiaries. The centre aims to have a stimulating effect on development of Cahul and other areas in the region.