Alexandra Batanova
“Visa waiver was like facilitating access to information”

Alexandra Batanova is a freelance journalist. She has been doing journalism for over a decade, and during this period she has worked for several print media in Chisinau. In 2020, she became the laureate of the Annual Journalists of the Year Gala in the longread category for the material Invisible pandemic. How and why fake news go viral, as a reporter at NewsMaker.

Alexandra recalls that her first visa-free trip was a vacation to Portugal. Like a sponge, she was soaking up everything she saw during that trip. While for some traveling abroad is a “luxury”, for journalists it is, in fact, a necessary experience to understand the world and people.

Since the liberalization of the visa regime with the European Union, Alexandra has visited dozens of EU states, and today she considers herself a reporter “without borders” literally and figuratively. Moreover, she believes that her readers, who have gained access to information presented according to the latest trends in the Western media, have also benefited from this experience.

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