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#BeActive. The European Week of Sport 2021

  #FiiActiv. Săptămâna Europeană a Sportului

#BeActive, adopt a healthy lifestyle. The seventh edition of the European Week of Sport #BeActive promotes the movement as entertainment and improvement of physical and mental health. The new edition of #BeActive highlights the power of physical activity to bring joy, build resilience and connect generations.

More than 40 countries from the European Union and neighbourhood countries join the initiative and offer physical activities to their citizens between 23rd-30th September 2021.

Join the European Week of Sport! Be active every day!

For six years, the European Week of Sport has helped tackle the inactivity crisis by encouraging Europeans to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Launched in 2015, the European Week of Sport was created in response to the worsening inactivity crisis. Despite sport and physical activity substantially contributing to the well-being of European citizens, the level of physical activity is currently stagnating and even declining in some countries.

This is why the European Week of Sport exists – to bring awareness of how important an active lifestyle is for everyone.  Regardless of who we are and what we do, even slight increases in regular, physical activity can have a profound impact on our long-term health.  

The Week is designed to give people across the world a springboard into being active!

 Run for diversity

  #FiiActiv. Săptămâna Europeană a Sportului

Steady… Ready…Go!!! Join the #RunForDiversity initiative. Thousands of people have already done it.

Thousands of company employees will complete 3-6km runs in Paris and five other French cities. Taking place between mid-September and mid-October, participants can choose to run solo or in pairs to reflect diversity in age, gender or physical ability.

There is even a digital version of the Run for Diversity, which was launched in 2020. This year promises to top the previous one as, so far, participants from more than 40 different countries have registered.

Join in with your colleagues for a convivial sporting moment. More information:

#BeActive #RunForDiversity

Choose to be active!!! Million of people have already done it!

  #FiiActiv. Săptămâna Europeană a Sportului

The European Week of Sport provided over three thousand events in the countries of the European Union in 2020, which were attended by over 30 million people. The number of those involved in the activities dedicated to the European Week of Sport is increasing every year. You can be part of this initiative too. Get connected and be active!!!