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Communication specialists within the General Police Inspectorate were trained on how to proactively communicate about the police reform

From 13 to 15 November 2019 a training entitled „Public Communication in support of Police Reform” has been held in the context of the „Civic Monitoring of the Police Reform” project, implemented with the financial support of the European Union.

The number of press officers within the General Police Inspectorate, especially in the regions, is very low. Each communication specialist is responsible for several districts, having a large amount of work. On the other hand, the information request from journalists is high, and public pressure require quick and professional communication from the press officers. At the same time, in the large flow of information, the topics related to the police reform remain underestimated.

Therefore, the training was aimed at responding to several needs including strengthening the capabilities of GPI representatives to proactively communicate about the police reform.

Thus, under the guidance of the trainers, the positioning of police reform in society was discussed, topics within the framework of the reform were selected and key messages were created to convey information in the most concise and understandable form. Other topics included interaction with the media, organization of press events and, not least, the way the police should manifest on social networks. Theoretical discussions were combined with practical exercises designed to consolidate the accumulated knowledge. 

The training was attended by 26 participants from the General Police Inspectorate. 

For more information, please contact:

Nicolae Panfil,
Program Coordinator,
GSM +373 79381842Steven DANIELS
Justice and Home Affairs Officer
Tel. +373 22 505 210 ext. 116