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EBRD and E5P will provide a €5.4 million grant for the implementation of the Moldova Solid Waste Project

On 22 February 2024, the Minister of Environment, Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov, and the Head of EBRD in Moldova, Catarina Bjorlin Hansen, signed the Grant Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter the EBRD) for the financing of investment projects aimed at developing infrastructure in the solid waste management sector, amounting to 5.4 million euro, to implement the Moldova Solid Waste Project.

The E5P grant will co-finance the construction of a regional landfill in line with EU standards, waste sorting and composting infrastructure in Donduseni, construction of transshipment stations in Briceni and Edinet, as well as the purchase of equipment related to the integrated waste management system.

The E5P Assembly of Contributors approved in August 2023 an E5P investment grant of €5.4 million to improve solid waste management in the northern part of the Republic of Moldova, which includes the districts of Briceni, Edinet, Ocnita, and Donduseni, falling within Region no. 8 of the National Waste Management Program.

This financing complements a €25 million sovereign loan provided by the EBRD to the Government of the Republic of Moldova, which is part of a wider financing package, with an additional loan provided by the European Investment Bank and investment grants from other bilateral donors.

The E5P is a €407 million multi-donor fund initiated by Sweden and operating throughout the Eastern Partnership region. The E5P fund in Moldova totals 69 million euros and includes a contribution of 1 million euros from Moldova. The European Union is the largest contributor, with 28.95 million euros. Other donors include the Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia,  Finland,  Germany,  Lithuania,  Norway,  Poland,  Romania, the  Slovak Republic, and  Sweden.

The EBRD is an important institutional investor in Moldova. To date, the Bank has invested over €2 billion in the country through 160 projects, with 52% of its portfolio in sustainable infrastructure.

The event was attended by representatives of the EBRD, the EU, and the embassies of Sweden, Germany, Poland, and Lithuania.