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Energy independent locality with EU support

What can you do with a landfill? A park with photovoltaic panels could take its place! It is the story of Feștelița village from Ștefan Vodă district, where, instead of a former garbage dump, a park with solar batteries was arranged. The photovoltaic panels ensure the energy independence of the locality and will bring an annual income of over 800 thousand lei.

The project was funded by European Union funds, along with other actions:

  • thermal insulation and endowment of the kindergarten with photovoltaic panels;
  • thermal insulation of the culture house and installation of a biomass-based boiler;
  • installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the local gymnasium;
  • smart street lighting with a distance of 20 km.

Access the link to find out how Team Europe works in our country: