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Energy Sprint – an EU energy saving sprint is held in the Republic of Moldova

Moldovan signatories of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy have joined the European campaign “Energy Sprint”. Launched at the level of the European Union, the campaign promotes and encourages energy saving experiences. In the context of the marathon, saving resources means solidarity – with the vulnerable, with European cities dependent on imported natural gas, with our Ukrainian neighbours.

The savings are also good for the climate and necessary for many cities whose energy bills add considerably to their annual budgets.

The first authority that supported the campaign was the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development followed by local public authorities from Lozova, Cantemir, Vorniceni, Sireți and others, that made also part of the energy saving campaign.

One of the cities which joined is the municipality of Strășeni, where the mayor Valentina Casian recommended to citizens the rational, efficient consumption of energy, with the reduction of both energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions. “At home, on the street, at work, in transport, wherever we are, it is essential that our energy consumption habits are as efficient as possible so that we can achieve more with less resources while respecting the environment. Energy efficiency concerns us all. The cheapest energy is the energy not consumed“, said the mayor.

The Cities Energy Saving Sprint is a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Covenant of Mayors–Europe and the European Committee of the Regions to encourage cities to take measures that will immediately reduce their energy consumption. The “Sprint” will last for 4 months. Launched on 19 May 2022, the Cities Energy Saving Sprint will last until European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) from 26 to 30 September 2022, when will be shared the results of this campaign.

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