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EU continues to support the institutional development of the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova

More than 150 officials at managerial level within the Central Apparatus of the Customs Service, as well as regional Customs Offices, participated in training sessions on Change Management and Communication, held with the aim of supporting the organisational development process of the Customs Service and strengthening the professional skills of its civil servants.

The training sessions were organised with the support of the European Union, through its “EU High Level Advisers’ Mission”, with Veronica Sirețeanu, expert within the Mission, as trainer. The characteristics of change, its stages, attitude towards change, reaction to it – these and many other topics were presented in the course. Thus, in addition to the theory presented by the moderator, participants analysed various case studies and outlined a series of behavioural norms to deal with situations of change within the institution.

Present at the training event, the Deputy Director of the Customs Service, Nicolae Vutcariov, thanked the organisers and mentioned that this course is important in light of the fact that the Customs Service tends to modernise and increase the transparency of its activities through efficient communication and consolidated management.

To be noted that, in October, the Customs Service launched a new Communication Strategy accompanied by an action plan, developed with the support of the European Union through its EU High Level Advisers Mission, with the aim of establishing a clear interaction framework both internally, as well as externally, and identification of the right channels and tools in this regard.