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EU Talks in Orhei: five European ambassadors discussed with the students of the largest high school in the district

The students of the largest high school in the Orhei district, “Ion Luca Caragiale” Theoretical Lyceum, had the opportunity to talk with five EU ambassadors in their school. The Ambassadors’ visit was organized on the occasion of the European Year of Skills, aimed to reveal the skills and raise the level of information and awareness regarding the activity of the European Union in Moldova.

The ambassadors of France, Germany, Bulgaria, and Denmark, as well as the EU Ambassador in Chisinau, answered the students’ questions related to Moldova’s EU integration.

What are the biggest challenges the EU is facing today? How does the European Union bring together the multitude of cultures and spoken languages? What is it like to earn an attractive salary and work for a European company in your own country? These are just some of the questions young people have.

The ambassadors also shared the experience of the countries they represent in the European Union integration process: what this experience meant, what challenges, and above all, what benefits it brings.

The EU Ambassador in Chisinau, Jānis Mažeiks: “Today, I address you not only as an Ambassador of the European Union but also as a supporter who firmly believes in the incredible journey of Moldova towards European integration. This journey is not just about policies and agreements, it is about the people, it is about you – young hearts and strong minds who will shape the destiny of this beautiful country.”

The activities take place within the EU Talks initiative, aimed at bringing more information and direct interaction between young people from Moldova and European diplomatic missions accredited in Chisinau.