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EU talks to young people

A series of EU Talks events with the participation of the Ambassadors of EU member states took place in Ungheni, Comrat and Leova to inspire and inform young people about opportunities that European Union offers to them.

The EU TALKS series of events is part of a national communication campaign organized by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova called “EU-Moldova: Stronger Together! Creating new opportunities for youth!”. Within the frame of the campaign, the EU TALKS events aimed to showcase the tangible benefits generated for the Moldovan citizens by the EU-funded education opportunities. More than 360 young people from the schools in Ungheni and Leova and the students from State University of Comrat had the unique possibility to interact directly with the Ambassadors of European Union, Germany and Poland and to address questions and share ideas with them. Also, each event featured representatives of EU-funded education programmes, such as Erasmus+, eTwinning, EU4Youth, Young European Ambassadors and presented beneficiaries of the programmes and their success stories. Some of the characters picked up came from their local communities to inspire and get more enthusiasm of young participants.

In parallel, the success stories of these EU-funded projects beneficiaries have been broadcasted on 18 national and local TV and Radio and reached over 2 million population, along with billboards installed in 5 localities and intense social and online promotion reaching other 700 000 people.

The series of EU TALKS will continue in the next communication campaign that is going to be organized by EU Delegation by the end of the year. The EU TALKS are designed to inform the members of the communities about future funding opportunities in other fields of the EU assistance to Moldova, such as business development, entrepreneurship. EU TALKS want to create a sustainable platform for identifying local needs and generating ideas about the best way the EU assistance programs can address them. Also, the series of EU TALKS it’s a way of consolidating the network of EU Info Centres and Euroclubs and to support their development into viable community centres that share useful and relevant information about EU assistance, and inspire and mobilize the community members to participate in EU programmes.