Europe Café – 2 Years Young!

Europe Café is two years young!

The branded European Union Centre in Chisinau serves as a venue for various EU and EU Member States (MS) events as well as for EU related communication activities on a regular basis. Europe Café was officially launched on 1 October 2020. To date, the location hosted over 150 events which connected people in the Team Europe spirit, promoted European Union’s values, and created a platform for the Moldovan citizens to pursue European opportunities.

What we did in two years? We were busy to settle as:

  • The Hub for EU major visits to highlight the EU Assistance to the Republic of Moldova;
  • A go to for cultural events and cross-cutting initiatives;
  • A primary location for physical meetings and events by EU MS Embassies, EU projects and International Organisations;
  • A press corner/Media room for EU MS Embassies;
  • A multiplier for the EU Information Centers (EUIC) and Euro-Clubs network;
  • An EU – Youth engaging centre.

Stay close and connected to our initiatives. We will continue to inform you with the most interesting information and activities.

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