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Seventeen EU Member States and Norway have expressed their solidarity with the Republic of Moldova in managing the challenges posed by the flow of refugees from Ukraine, providing humanitarian aid through the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism worth more than 14 million EUR. Humanitarian aid includes ambulances, tents, power generators, water tanks, basic goods, food and tons of fuel. In addition, the European Commission has allocated 4.2 million EUR from the rescEU strategic reserve and over 430,000 EUR through the newly created European Commission unit EHCR – European Humanitarian Response Capacity. At the same time, another 13 million EUR were offered to the Republic of Moldova by five EU member states as bilateral support for managing the flow of refugees.

In these difficult times, refugees from Ukraine find safe shelter and basic needs in the Republic of Moldova. The efforts of citizens and authorities to support them are highly encouraged by the Member States of the European Union.

“I am not Moldovan, but I am proud of you! I read with emotion the message of a Ukrainian citizen, who thanked the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for the way his family was received here. His wife and children, who had to take refuge from the war, were met at the border, fed for free, brought to Chisinau and accommodated in an apartment for which the landlord is not going to ask for rent. He could not believe that he had found so much goodness in Moldova.

It is simply impressive how ordinary citizens have mobilized to greet people at the border, provide them with food and shelter, bring them clothes. I hear over and over again about simple Moldovan families who have opened their doors to welcome their Ukrainian neighbours in their hour of need, people whom they have never met before.

It is outstanding how the authorities of the Republic of Moldova reacted swiftly to support Ukraine in these darkest hours, through a facilitated entry system and humanitarian support.

The European Union will support the efforts of the Republic of Moldova to help refugees from Ukraine, but it is your collective effort that we are supporting. I want to thank the people of this country from the bottom of my heart that they are truly friends helping the ones in need”, mentioned the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, Jānis Mažeiks.