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Why did we
European Year
of Skills?

Welcome to a year of skills, a year of empowerment, and a year of shaping tomorrow. The European Year of Skills is your gateway to acquiring the right skills for quality jobs, while tackling shortages in abilities across Europe. Empowering individuals and directly addressing the skills gap ensures that nobody is left behind in the rapidly evolving employment landscape. It open doors to quality opportunities that align seamlessly with your aspirations.


of EU companies report
difficulties in finding workers
with the necessary skills


of adults should participate
in training every year by

20 M

ICT specialists should be
employed in the EU by

Facts and Figures
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How we will make
this happen?

The European Year of Skills is all about giving a boost to lifelong learning, enabling everyone – individuals and companies alike – to jump into the green and digital transitions. Together, let’s contribute to a future where learning opportunities create positive change. Reskilling and upskilling projects are transforming lives across Europe, and their impact extends to places like the Republic of Moldova.

Improve your skills

Business Hubs

Regional business hubs created with the European Union’s assistance provide offline and online mentoring sessions, experience exchange, facilitation of building connections with other organisations, access to e-learning platforms, smart solutions for business, digital and e-commerce solutions. Find out the business hub from your region and benefit from insightful experiences.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme which gives new or aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs running small businesses in other countries across Europe. New entrepreneurs gather and exchange knowledge and business ideas with an experienced one.

Entrepreneurship Development Organization’s programmes and grants

EU has allocated a total sum of EUR 8 million for the Entrepreneurship Development Organization’s support programs for the 2023–2026. At least 300 enterprises will receive assistance in establishing, developing, or internationalizing their businesses. Fifty percent of these will have the opportunity to capitalize on new prospects in sectors with high growth potential, while 80% will cover rural areas. Discover the programs from which you can benefit.

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (VI)

Exciting funding opportunities are set to unfold on both banks of the Nistru River. Stay connected and keep an eye out for the upcoming calls. These initiatives aim to foster economic growth, generating employment opportunities and improving livelihoods throughout the Nistru river region. By implementing innovative models and fostering cross-river cooperation, we aspire to stimulate economic activities and bring about positive change.

Model European Union

Model EU is a transformative initiative designed to foster a closer connection between the youth and the negotiating and decision-making processes within the European Union and encourage active involvement among young individuals. The overarching goal is to enhance participants’ understanding of the inner workings of key European institutions through direct engagement in the ordinary EU legislative procedure, employing the experiential “learning by doing” approach. The inaugural Model EU event in Moldova is scheduled to take place in April 2024.

Young European Ambassadors

The Young European Ambassadors (YEAs) initiative is a non-political, voluntary, vibrant communication network connecting and building bridges of friendship among young people from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and the EU Member States and the United Kingdom. The YEAs initiative was established in June 2016 as part of the ‘EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project and has involved more than 1,700 young people from over 30 different countries to date.

EU Info Centers and Euro Clubs

The Euro Clubs and Information Centers of the European Union (EUIC) are an extensive network of information multipliers on the European Union’s contribution to the development of the Republic of Moldova. The Euro Clubs and Information Centers of the European Union contribute to gathering and disseminating knowledge regarding the European topics: policies, institutions, community programs, neighbourhood relations etc. 30 Information Centres and Euro Clubs are operating across the country accounting more than 1.000 active members.


Unlock your entrepreneurial

Seize the opportunity to enhance your business skills with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Apply for a transformative, cost-free business exchange tailored for those initiating a business or within their initial three years of entrepreneurship. This initiative connects aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced counterparts in another European country, providing a hands-on training experience and essential skills development during a flexible placement of up to six months. The application process is free and accessible online, with a monthly allowance provided to cover travel and stay expenses. Empower your venture and shape a brighter future today.

Real people,
real skills

Dive into a world of change and progress. Explore compelling stories that highlight the real impact of reskilling and upskilling projects, illustrating how they are shaping a brighter future across the Republic of Moldova. These stories are more than just narratives. They are real examples of how reskilling can transform lives. Join us in exploring these practical and inspiring tales that showcase the impact of EU funding in creating opportunities for learning and growth.

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Join the movement,
shape the Future

The European Year of Skills is a movement towards a future where skills drive progress. Let’s work together to create a world where everyone has the tools to succeed, adapt, and lead. Your journey begins now. Start your journey toward a skilled tomorrow today. Join the European Year of Skills, and together, let’s build a future where your potential meets the needs of a changing job market seamlessly.