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EUTech Display Day – show of multifunctional robots, aerodynamic racing cars and programming workshops

Cahul has become the “capital” of tech innovation for a day, on 20 May. Hundreds of children and their parents came to Independence Square for “Tech Display Day”, where they had incomparable experiences with robots, aerodynamic race cars, drones and other technologies. The activities mark Europe Day in Cahul – EU Tech Days – and are organised on the basis of a successful partnership between Cahul City Hall, “Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu” State University in Cahul and EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul, project implemented by ATIC, with financial assistance European Union, in partnership with Sweden.

The young explorers, being fascinated by technology, enthusiastically became involved in open-air workshops. Those up to the age of six discovered mechanics using LEGO sets. Children between the ages of seven and nine went on a “journey” to learn about outer space.

“It is very important for children to catch the technological thread from an early age. My child attends robotics and programming classes and is delighted. The generation of our children is the generation of technologies.”, mentioned Andronache Tatiana, parent.

“Given that we are heading into the age of technology, it is very good for children to bring them closer to the opportunities of the digital field.”, said Bancila Adriana, parent.

The curious 10-12-year-old children embarked on a race to programme autonomous multifunctional robots and built towers of special parts with the help of the robot and a programmed remote control. They also got to know Znap – a playful robot that simulates the behaviour of pets. The teenagers enjoyed successful experiences in the “smart lab”, where they discovered how drones and robots work that can move according to the emotions of the people around them. They also enjoyed the presence of a “long-awaited guest” – the Race Car – an aerodynamic race car, the speed of which they could programme or modify.

“For our children, it is very welcome to find out about the way technologies are developed. My child chose robotics. Thanks to Start-up City Cahul!”, stated Alina, parent.

“A very useful activity even for the little ones. It is welcome for them to get acquainted with the technologies of the future from an early age.”, added Olesea Vulpe, parent.

The students were enthusiastic that they could one day have a successful career in IT field, they were from colleges and vocational schools and learned about the professions of the future and the best options for choosing a career in technology. The young people also had the opportunity to participate in outdoor discussions with tech professionals and entrepreneurs and to take part in 3D printing workshops held by the Makeri Youth Club.