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“EU-Moldova: Together for a stronger society” Communication Campaign

The Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova launched a new information campaign – “EU-Moldova: Together for a stronger society”. This campaign supports civil society efforts in vital areas in order to respect and to promote human rights by focusing on a wide range of people: representatives of the associative sector and local public authorities, students, teachers and beneficiaries of European Union assistance projects.

The campaign started on with several flash mobs organised by members of Euroclubs and EU Information Centres from the country, who committed to support and promote the campaign’s messages in their communities. The organisers campaigned for a stronger society, in which everyone enjoys equal rights and opportunities – in education, social and health services, employment and development – highlighting the EU assistance projects in their communities. The flash mobs took place in nine localities of the country: Chișinău, Durlești, Orhei, Leova, Bălţi, Ungheni, Soroca, Ialoveni and Sârcova village from Rezina district.

During the same campaign, the Delegation of the European Union celebrated the initiatives of civil society organisations in the field during the “European Awards for Civil Society – Human Rights” event. On this occasion, seven awards were offered to seven civil society organizations:

  • Media Freedom Award – the Nord News portal from Bălţi;
  • Protection of Minority Rights Award – “Noi-Viitorul Luminos” Association from Fălești;
  • Human Security Award – “Human Rights Embassy Association”;
  • Advocacy for Promoting Change Award – Promo-LEX Association;
  • Stronger Society Award – “Femeia şi Copilul – Protecţie şi Sprijin” Association from Criuleni county;
  • Stronger Economy Award – Business Support Center Orhei;
  • Promotion of Gender Equality Award – „Casa Speranţelor” Association” from Soroca

The “EU-Moldova: Together for a Stronger Society” campaign continued mainly online until the end of March 2021. The information campaign aims to underline the European Union’s support for initiatives of civil society organis ations in the context of promoting human rights in Moldova, local development and fighting the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis

The European Union currently supports 28 large projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova, by civil society organisations, with a total amount of EUR 22 million, which is 5% of the total volume of EU assistance to the Republic of Moldova. Thanks to these projects, more than 1 000 vulnerable people benefit from 42 social services available to them in different localities. In addition, more than 800 vulnerable people enjoy free services and products generated by more than 15 social enterprises (including six that are established on the left bank of Nistru river), which have created 59 jobs for disadvantaged people. At the same time, more than 70 small businesses started by young people were financed, generating 84 jobs. The initiatives allowed them improve their quality of life and a better inclusion into their communities.