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Exceptional lighting show at Europe Café

On Europe Day, the historic building, which houses the main information centre of the European Union, was illuminated in yellow and blue. The lighting show caught the eyes of passers-by for a month. The light show at Europe Café were also completed by a series of photos illustrated on LED screens placed on the facade of the building. The images showcased the support of the European Union offered to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and the assistance programs of great impact successfully implemented in the country.

Europe Café is a unique public place located in a historical building and, at the same time, showing modernity thanks to the innovative design and various technologies used.

The information centre provides an attractive space for organizing European-themed cultural events, information activities, press conferences, workshops, debate clubs and individual development activities, interactive tools and technologies and film screenings. The Member States of the European Union and their diplomatic missions join these efforts by presenting their culture, history and traditions to the public in the Republic of Moldova.

Those interested to learn more about the European Union and its Member States, their culture and history, as well as the assistance they provide for the benefit of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, throughout the programs and projects of the European Union and EU Member States, which together act as “Team Europe”, can do it at Europe Café.