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Join the Young European Ambassadors at Keep Cool: Board Game

Descoperă cum poți contribui la sustenabilitatea planetei într-un mod interactiv și distractiv! „Keep Cool: Board Game - Sustaining Our Planet” este o experiență captivantă, organizată de Tinerii Ambasadori Europeni,

On Monday, November 27, a new meeting of the Young European Ambassadors will take place at the Europe Café. This time, we invite you to be part of a board game about ecological sustainability.

Discover how you can contribute to the sustainability of the planet in an interactive and fun way! “Keep Cool: Board Game – Sustaining Our Planet” is an interactive experience, organized by the Young European Ambassadors, dedicated to discussing ecological sustainability subject within the European Union. This board game involves the participants in various roles, such as European countries, OPEC or developing nations, aiming to find the perfect balance between climate protection and lobby interests.

Discover the joy of learning and negotiating in an interactive and fun way. Join the event on Monday 27 November at 15:00 at the Europe Café. Participation is free.

This event is an excellent platform for young people to express their perspectives on environmental issues. Through the board game, participants will gain valuable knowledge about climate policies and their impact on personal and social development, as well as intercultural understanding. The information will be reinforced through provocative discussions, making the event an unusual learning experience.

Be part of the change we want for the world. Fill in the participation form here: