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Let’s celebrate three years of Europe Café together

Let’s celebrate three years of Europe Café together

Three years. It is an anniversary that we are proud of and that we want to celebrate with you. As the most important Information Center of the European Union in Moldova, we have something to say about all the beautiful activities we have organized and hosted since 2020.

“Taste of Europe” is the title of our anniversary this year. And it’s not a coincidence. On the 10th of October, we invite you to start your day with us, with a cup of authentic coffee. And for dessert, we will serve European desserts, prepared according to authentic recipes by authentic people. Come and taste them with us, as foodies from France, Italy, Spain and other EU countries do. To complete our celebration, we will have fun guessing European cities and offering coffee for each correct answer.

We’ll continue the day posing in our European Cafe corner, then you’ll be invited to step into our makeshift art gallery, generously provided by Cartego, open to the public at the Europe Cafe HQ until the end of October.

Here you will have the opportunity to discover the taste of authentic art, combined with new media. The exhibition includes 30 paintings by artists from Moldova, five of them being brought “to life” using augmented reality tools. To live the experience of the “animated” paintings, use your phone camera via the ArtiVive app, which can be downloaded for free from the AppStore (for iPhone) and PlayMarket (for Android). At the same time, here you will be able to find out more information about the painters and their creations.

In the three years, Europe Café has hosted more than 430 events. From 2020 until today, around 4750 people have crossed our threshold since the launch of the most important EU information center. It’s time to celebrate these awesome 3 years.

Europe tastes well. Let’s enjoy it together.