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Liberalized visa regime with the EU
An important step in the democratization of the Republic of Moldova

Moldova was the first Eastern Partnership country to benefit from a liberalized visa regime with the EU. Reunited families, young people studying at European universities, increased trade are just some of the benefits of the liberalized visa regime with the EU. Data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration show that over the past eight years almost 2.5 million Moldovan citizens have traveled to Europe.

“I believe that, at present, Moldova’s relationship with the European Union is getting stronger and better, because we see the commitment of citizens, the government, and the president to carry out a large part of the reforms that the European Union has been demanding for many years and which bring Moldova closer to the EU based on our common values”.

Ambassador of the European Union
to the Republic of Moldova
Jānis Mažeiks

“The Republic of Moldova is a European state by its culture, its history, and its identity. But we still have to take some important steps to integrate also institutionally with the other member states of the European Union. Regardless of political or geopolitical preferences, I am sure that absolutely every Moldovan citizen wants to be respected by the state, by state institutions, by other states. And the best way to achieve this is to strengthen the country’s European pathway”.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
of the Republic of Moldova,
Nicu Popescu