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Maxim Roșca
A young man who dreams of bringing Europe home!

Maxim Rosca is a student of international relations and diplomacy at one of Chisinau universities. He is a graduate of an Erasmus volunteer program. At high school he had an opportunity to go to Italy, along with other young people originating from European countries. Although it lasted for only a month, Maxim says that experience has changed his life and mindset

“It changed my way of seeing the world and thanks to the interactions I had with other young Europeans I became much more open minded,” points out Maxim. He says that only by visiting a European country did he understand what European values actually represented and how important they were to a community: freedom of thought, tolerance, and democracy.

According to Maxim, Italy amazed him by the community role in the evolution of Italian society, how people helped each other and how they supported the country’s development. “I am sure in our country things will also change for the better. We, young people, are the drivers of this change. I am sure that teenagers who are going to take part in various international projects are the ones who will transform the communities they come from and create a small Europe here, at home,” hopes Maxim Rosca.