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Media briefing on challenges and opportunities for Moldovan exports in 2022

On September 28, representatives of the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Moldova, National Agency for Food Safety and Fruit Producers and Exporters Association of Moldova “Moldova Fruct” and mass media joined for an event at Europe Café on the topic ”New realities for Moldova’s exports in 2022. Challenges and Opportunities”. The discussions were focused on on:

  • How the exporting SMEs faced the economic crises caused by the Russian Federation, both the military aggression against Ukraine and imposed embargo on the export of the vegetable products;
  • How the increase of quota supports the exporting SMEs and how this measure can be fully utilized;
  • Are the exporting Moldovan SMEs ready to reorient their export to the EU market;
  • Food safety aspects to be fulfilled by the private sector in order to export animal origin and agri-food products to the EU market.

The event was organized by the EU funded project “Strategic Communication and Support to Mass Media in the Republic of Moldova”, within the communication and visibility campaign on EU-Moldova trade relations and DCFTA implementation results, with an aim to improve the Moldova citizen’s perception about the EU-MD bilateral trade and to counteract the current disinformation of the Moldovan citizens regarding these topics.