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Meet the team

Raluca Costache

Team Leader

Passionate about people, nurture talent, find meaning and create impact, Raluca has more than 20 years of experience in communication and human resources management in Eastern European Partnership countries. A vocational teacher, she never loses hope in good and sight of clear goals to leave a mark and make a difference for others. As a EU communicator, she is a constant promoter of the fundamental values such as respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and rule of law.

Ina Prisacaru

Chief Campaign Manager

Ina has a relevant experience in journalism and communication. 10 years of work in this domain helped her to improve her journalism skills, to discern truth from lie and to promote the model of a fair and quality journalism by her own example.

Ina’s experience in numerous international communication projects has opened the path to prolific partnerships, impact communication companies and innovative initiatives/out of the box. She works only in teams passionate about what they do and Europe Café has such a team.

Ghenadie Cojocaru

Senior EU Information Centers and Euro Clubs Network Coordinator

As a senior expert, Ghenadie has 15 years of experience in performing consultancy assignments in project development and implementation, capacity building, community mobilization, local strategic planning and development. During the last five years, Ghenadie successfully completed several project monitoring and evaluation tasks, mainly within EU-funded programs. Ghenadie is responsible for developing and extending the network of 30 Euro Clubs and EU Information Centers functioning across the country.

Olga Sajin

Senior Digital Media Expert

Passioned about creative writing, storytelling, sustainable development and social behavioural change communication, Olga has more than ten years’ experience in journalism and communication exploiting opportunities from acting as a broadcast reporter to hosting live TV shows, from designing social campaigns to investigating subjects of public interest. Olga is responsible for branding communication bringing tailored content that connects. Bookworm, documentary films lover, she takes pleasure in being in touch with people able to inspire and change perspectives.

Victor Gotisan

Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert

Victor has almost 20 years’ experience working in media and civil society sectors in Moldova. Being the Senior Media Relations and Analysis Expert of the strategic communication project of the European Union Delegation, Victor is providing consultancy and in-depth analysis on the latest trends of the sector. His areas of professional interest are mass media, psychology of communication, democratization processes in the Eastern and Central Europe, history of ideas, inter-confessional relations, philosophy & anthropology of religion. Victor’s hobbies are cooking, good music (classic & rock), reading, swimming and hiking.

Dima Stoianov

Senior Media Support Expert

Dima worked for more than 12 years in media on various levels: from field reporting to media project management and fundraising. In the last years his expertise focused on fact-checking and media development and sustainability. His duties within the StratCom project are related to capacity building, media policies development and technical and financial support to investigative journalists and media organisations from all the regions of Moldova.

Lilia Duca

Events and Publications Expert

Lilia is a PR and Communications specialist with about 10 years of work experience. She has developed and carried out dozens of projects and communication campaigns, and the relationship with the mass media built over time has helped her make people’s voices heard, be they local producers, young ambassadors of European values​,​ or mothers with a full-time work schedule.

Lilia believes in people and their power of change, here’s why she knows how to transform an activity into a dialogue platform and human connections.

Her ​responsibilities within the StratCom communication project are related to events management and digital content creation.

Valeria Botnari

Communication Assistant

Enthusiastic, active, and accurate, Valeria Botnari is interested in public relations, communication, content and promotion campaigns. This is what she is doing at Europe Café. She is passionate about oratory, public speaking, jazz and Latin dances.